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AVG is from the family of antiviruses which was developed by AVG Technologies. AVG Antivirus has earned the top spot on the list of best antivirus because of its affordable pricing and security conscious features. This antivirus is offering rock-solid protection against various viruses, malware, rootkits, ransomware, and even spyware, and many more such harmful things. It provides full security to your computer or laptop data against all kinds of threats and even it will secure your online browsing too. These antiviruses are known for giving protection to your smartphones and tablets too so one can say that AVG Antivirus is the tool compatible with all the kinds of devices. This antivirus is known for its extraordinary features which makes it stand apart from the crowd of another antivirus. If you want to know more about this antivirus then the best way is by dialing AVG customer support number where experts are available at all 24 hours to provide you with depth information about this tool.


How to setup AVG Antivirus?

Setting up a free version of AVG is very simple and easy which includes clicking on the big green button saying ‘download’ to install it. Just follow the neat installation option to install the AVG on your system.

  • But if while downloading AVG suspects some other antivirus tool then you don’t need to remove this tool, you just need to turn off the real-time protection.
  • When the installation is complete AVG does not demand your system to reboot.

Setting up AVG on your desktops, laptops or even your smartphone is easy but if you are facing any minor or major problem while downloading it then you are free to take help from AVG customer support number. The experts are there to guide you through the correct installation process.

Characteristic traits of AVG Antivirus

There are some amazing features that make this free antivirus tool favorite of everyone. And these traits makes it all the extraordinary.

  • Full protection against emails and web browsing
  • Provide protection while using external devices like CDs or USB
  • It makes your PC run smoother and faster by scanning all the data
  • When you connect your PC to public Wi-Fi, this AVG will keep you untraceable and unhackable
  • Link scanning and anti-theft is provided
  • A feature of Passive Mode is there where you can have other antivirus installed on your computer along AVG but you have to turn off the real-time protection.
  • Through email shield technology your all incoming emails are scanned
  • You have the option to Schedule the scan in your AVG.
  • AVG has its own unique look and it is user-friendly.

AVG antivirus is platform independent software which can be installed in various systems like Windows or Mac and Android or even iOS too. If you want to install AVG antivirus on your multiple devices then for further information you can contact AVG Technical support number where a team of adroit is present at all 24 hours throughout the clock.

Hiccups which people face while using AVG

Being the great antivirus software AVG also come with various numbers of errors too. These errors may be related to set up or scanning or any other issue. Below is the list of issues which people generally face while using AVG antivirus software:

  1. An error message pops up while installing or downloading AVG
  2. Unable to activate AVG antivirus
  3. How to restore AVG account password?
  4. How to cancel AVG subscription?
  5. The problem in uninstalling AVG toolbar homepage from the browser.
  6. How to manage HTTPS scanning in Web Shield?
  7. Problem while uninstalling AVG driver Updater from Windows
  8. How to configure AVG Secure VPN so as to connect automatically whenx connected to unsecured Wi-Fi Network?

There are other issues too with AVG antivirus which can turn your life upside down if not resolved on time. And if you don’t know what to do? Then the best option for you is to communicate with the technicians who are well versed with all the issues and features of this really astonishing tool by just dialing of AVG customer care number.


Before activating AVG internet security on Windows you must complete the process of installing it and once that is finished you can begin with the following steps:
  • Open the AVG antivirus software, then go to My AVG
  • Under Subscription, you will have two option to activate the product. One is Log in and other is License.
  • By choosing Log in you need to enter your user name and password then all the subscription information is shown on the screen
  • For activating it via License you need to look for the license key or you can say product key in your email. Once you have found it then copy paste the key in the blanks provided and then hit activate. Once done the expiry date of your AVG software will be visible.
The feature of HTTPS scanning protects your computer against various malware that is delivered by TLS and SSL while you are browsing the internet. Don’t ever disable HTTPS scanning as then your computer will be more vulnerable to outside threats.
  • After opening the AVG software, go to Menus> Settings
  • Click on Components and then select the option of Customize which is present next to Web Shield
  • You can select to turn on or off the feature of Enable HTTP Scanning
  • And then click OK to save the changes.
Sometimes users are forced to uninstall this very helpful antivirus software and in that situation, you must follow the correct sequence to uninstall it completely from your system.
  • Open Control Panel> Programs and Features
  • Select the name of your antivirus and right click on it to choose the option of Uninstall
  • Once it is uninstalled completely you can restart the system.

What if after uninstallation AVG Secure Search is still active on your Mozilla Firefox? Then you don’t need to call AVG customer support number because you can also resolve this problem easily by just following few steps:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox> Option>
  • Click on the Search tab and change the default search engine to your preferred browsing option
  • And then restart Mozilla Firefox

Why choose antivirus customer support?

When you get issues with antivirus and unable to fix it. You can contact antivirus customer support. The team of customer support helps their customers 24x7 to fix antivirus issues.



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