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  • Jul 15, 2019
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McAfee is the leading antivirus software in the world providing a protected running secure system that leads you out of trouble with any of the internet or inner virus attack. McAfee was developed by McAfee Inc. in 1987 and since then it has built marvelous credibility that every PC users at least consider this once to protect the system. It is very effective to detect and remove the virus, malware, Trojans and suspicious worms and provide complete protection to your computer or another device from being attacked. If your computer is running slow or you are unable to open any particular file or folder, you need to scan your computer with McAfee and that will resolve all the virus and malware from your computer and make it running smoothly again. After complete scan, if you get some issue or error you should promptly call at McAfee customer care number for further information and you will get permanent solution form experts. Sometimes you may feel the issue with the login to your McAfee account. This article will guide you to easily log in to your account and remove any possible error further.

Steps to log in McAfee account:

Logging into the McAfee account is a quite easy and secure process and you can process this by visiting the product’s site and get the easily log in page. Follow these steps to log in to your McAfee account:

  • Search in your browser
  • Once open the website click on “Have a site?” option in the top right corner
  • Now you need to click on the “Sign In” button near the top of the screen
  • Now by entering your current email address, you can easily log into your McAfee account

The login the process is simple and you can easily get your antivirus services by simply processing above-mentioned steps. Now if you want to add other users to your account, you can do it by simply following the below steps:

  • Log in to your McAfee account with the help of above-given steps
  • You will see an “Avatar” image in the top right corner, click on it and then select your account
  • Now choose the user in the left navigation bar
  • Now you need to press the option “Insert User” near the top of the page
  • You need to fill out some information and can simply add a user by click on the button “Add User”

Now you have to get the information of login process and adding another user with an easy and simple process. If you have any other issue you can get the McAfee support system as well.

Get the McAfee customer support for more assistance:

McAfee is a trusted organization as it provides complete satisfaction to its user with the secure McAfee antivirus software. In case you are unable to log in to your account or getting another issue you should call at McAfee technical support number for further assistance.

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