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  • Mar 14, 2019
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Norton is one of the leading names in internet security recognized around the world. Millions of users and organizations use the Norton anti-virus software to protect their system from online threats. Norton offers different products to meet the security needs of its users and each product has its own unique features. The three main products of Norton are Standard, Deluxe and Premium. You can call the Norton customer care number and speak to an anti-virus expert about all the benefits of each product so that you know which product is right for you.

Depending on which antivirus product you buy and the method of purchase, you will receive a product or activation key to verify your purchase and activate your subscription. Without the product key, you will not be able to activate your Norton product. That is why it can be quite frustrating if your Norton activation key does not work. This article will give you a short rundown on what may have caused the activation key error and what you can do to resolve it,

Causes of activation key not working:

  • Internet Issues: The most common cause of the Norton activation key not working is because you are not connected to the internet or your connection is very slow. While Norton itself will work even if you are offline when you are looking to activate the product you need to be connected to the internet. Once your network connection is secure you can restart the process to enter the activation key.
  • Incorrect Activation Key: Each and every Norton activation key is unique. You should make sure that you are typing the activation key exactly as it is given. A Norton activation key is a combination of numbers and letters. The character is case sensitive so should be sure to enable or disable ‘Caps Lock’ and ‘Num Lock’ accordingly.
  • Activation Key Not Valid: As mentioned earlier, different products have different activation keys. A user may receive an error message that says "Invalid Product Key" if he or she attempts to use the key on the wrong product. You should ensure that you download the correct product to match the activation key. For example, you may have the activation key for Norton Deluxe but you are using it for Norton Premium.
  • Correct Norton Account: Each Norton product and the activation key is registered to a particular Norton account. If you have multiple accounts you need to see that you are logged in to the correct Norton account that is associated with that product. You can sign in to your Norton account and check the “Subscription” section to verify if your activation key is available on that account.

If the activation key does not work you will not be able to use your Norton Anti-Virus product. This means that your system may be at risk. If the steps given in this article do not help you resolve the activation error you should contact Norton customer support number and speak to a certified expert about how to proceed.

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