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  • May 13, 2019
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The more active you are online, the more susceptible you are to online attacks and threats. That is why virus protection and cybersecurity is a significant concern for many individuals and businesses. Norton is one of the leading names in the anti-virus and anti-malware software industry. However, it is not enough that you download Norton once and then leave it to run in the background. Users must always make sure to update the anti-virus software and ensure that it is working without interruption. If you find that Norton antivirus won’t open on your computer, then you should take immediate action to try and resolve the problem. You should call the Norton customer care number and speak to a certified expert to find the cause of the error and implement the correct troubleshooting steps so that you can protect your computer from security threats. You can also go through this article to learn more about some solutions you can implement on your own to fix Norton.

Solutions to Fix Norton Antivirus is not working or not opening

Solution 1: Update your Norton Antivirus software

Symantec Corporation, which develops Norton, is continuously releasing new upgrades to the software and regularly updates the virus definitions. If you find that Norton does not open on your computer you can follow the steps below to update the software then try again:

  • Step 1: Open Norton Antivirus and go to the Security settings
  • Step 2: Use Norton ‘LiveUpdate’ utility tool to install the security updates
  • Step 3: Keep running the utility tool until you see the message “Your Norton product has the latest protection updates.”

After all the updates are complete, you can restart your computer and then try and re-open Norton.

Solution 2: Use Norton Power Eraser

The Norton Power Eraser uses the Norton insights in-the-cloud application ratings to match a program or software installed on your computer with a list of trusted software thus making it easier to detect and remove malware. Refer to the instructions given below to run the Norton Power Eraser tool:

  • Step 1: Open Norton and go to the ‘Security’ section
  • Step 2: In the ‘Scans’ window, click ‘Norton Power Eraser.’
  • Step 3: Go to the main window in Norton Power Eraser
  • Step 4: Select the ‘Advanced Scans’ options and click ‘System Scan.’
  • Step 5: Evaluate the results and make the necessary changes as suggested by Norton

Solution 3: Reinstall Norton Antivirus

When all else fails, your best bet is to follow the steps shown below to remove and reinstall Norton on your computer:

  • Step 1: Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool.
  • Step 2: Double click the ‘NRnR’ icon to run the tool.
  • Step 3: Select the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ option and press ‘Remove.’
  • Step 4: After Norton is uninstalled restart your computer
  • Step 5: Visit the official Norton webpage and reinstall the program

If you want more information on how to implement these solutions you can call the Norton technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance.

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