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  • Feb 23, 2019
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Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool, which was previously known as Norton Removal tool, is an application that can remove various Norton programs, which include Norton Internet Security, Norton System Works 12.0, Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 and Norton security. This particular only works on Norton application and plays no role in removing other applications and programs. While using this tool you can remove damaged or corrupt Norton products or failed installations. This tool doesn’t affect any other program or application. It only targets corrupt Norton products, annihilating the issues in them. It also withdraws the damaged Norton applications so that there is an underlying effect on your device. But, once in a blue moon, it can happen that the Norton remove and reinstall tool stops working, and in that case, you need to work towards rectifying the issue. You need to know about the Norton activation key, and you can take the technical assistance from the Norton Customer care number for that. Before jumping on to the solutions, it is important to understand that what can be the possible reasons that why this tool stops working.

Reasons for Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool not working:

  • The tool is not compatible with the operating system in which it has been installed.
  • The tool was not updated
  • Not recognized or it suddenly stops responding

How to fix the issue of Norton Remove and Reinstall not working?

You need to try all of these given suggestions to help you resolve the issue and trying to annihilate it from its roots. These are all really simple methods, which needs to be taken care of, whenever you have downloaded this application in the system

Delete all other Anti-Virus software from the system- The Norton Remove and Reinstall tool will not work, and will surely create troubles if there has been any other anti-virus application installed in the device. Make sure that you only have Norton Anti-Virus installed.

Internet connectivity issues- This is a really petty issue, but if not taken care of, can cause troubles. The users often run behind working on big blunders, thus ignoring small mistakes. You must always check whether the device has been connected to the internet or not.

Install the tool back again- If nothing works, then the best possible solution that you can try is to uninstall the application, and install it back again. As already known and necessary, just download it from a trusted source and check the system requirements.

The drivers might need an update- The software utilities can just stop working all of a sudden if the drivers are not updated. You need to install the latest device drivers for the system

Clean the system- Just delete all the temporary files and the junk that has been accumulated in the system. Make sure that you clear the recycle bin too. Restart the system to clear the RAM

Apart from these, if you wish to know more methods to fix the particular issues, then you can take the guided and professional help from Norton tech Support Number, where the technicians will help you with all the matters of concern.

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